MLJ Environmental’s latest product is a science-driven software solution that simplifies and expedites the water account creation and well registration process mandated by select GSPs.

Watermark Parcels User Interface
Streamlined Workflow

GSA Management Made Simple

Navigate SGMA complexities effortlessly with Watermark, our cutting-edge platform. Streamline compliance, enhance decision-making, and ensure a sustainable future. Simplify your groundwater management with precision and ease.

Robust Metrics

GSA Dashboard

Manage your users, their parcel claims, and wells all in one simple interface. Discover high-level metrics tailored for reporting your GSA progress.

Intuitive + Secure

Parcel Claiming

Landowners can claim parcels securely with GSA-assigned verification codes. A single code is all it takes for an individual to register all parcels under their ownership.


Onboarding Assistance

We understand that complying with new regulations can be a daunting task, but with Watermark, you have a reliable partner to guide you through the process.

  • GSA specific Watermark onboarding website
  • Onboarding flyers
  • Tailor made in-person and/or virtual workshops
Landowner Features

Built For Maximum Efficacy

At Watermark, we’re dedicated to enhancing user experience through ongoing refinement, informed by valuable feedback from landowners and GSAs alike. Our commitment lies in collaborating closely with users at every level, ensuring an intuitive design that prioritizes your experience and security.

Claim Parcels

Easily claim and manage property parcels with streamlined processing

Identify Wells

Locate and catalog wells efficiently using advanced mapping tools

Monitor Water Usage

Track water consumption in real-time to optimize usage and save resources

Shared Access

Share Access To Accounts

Water Accounting

Accurately account for water inflows and outflows to ensure sustainable management


Secure your data with state-of-the-art encryption protocols

Why Watermark?

Proven, Trusted, Essential

Watermark is the proven choice for managing groundwater effectively—join leaders who prioritize sustainability and precision with our trusted platform.


Additional Information

Get the insights you need to make informed decisions about using Watermark

Built on the secure AWS platform, our products leverage the most advanced security measures available. AWS’s comprehensive security infrastructure ensures data integrity and privacy, critical for the agriculture sector and water compliance in California. We offer customizable security settings, including encrypted data storage and identity management, backed by AWS’s global infrastructure for unmatched reliability and disaster recovery capabilities.

MLJ Environmental has been a key player in environmental compliance for 25 years, focusing on practical technology solutions that protect community prosperity and natural resources. Their extensive experience in water management and environmental compliance makes them a trusted partner in the industry.

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Watermark is particularly well-suited for groundwater sustainability agencies, offering powerful administrative tools that significantly cut down on staff time and resource needs. It enhances data management capabilities, allowing for more efficient tracking and reporting of groundwater usage. This integration streamlines operations, making it a vital resource for managing groundwater sustainably and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Empower your GSA with Watermark

Connect with our team to explore how Watermark can be specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your GSA. Experience a personalized approach that ensures our platform aligns perfectly with your operational requirements.